Humans existed in a space where they viewed their surroundings in a monotonous way, but slowly we began to discover multiple facets of the same thing. For instance, a circle seemed to look just like a ring until we realized that by changing the focus and dimensions, it can begin to look like a sphere. From discovering the existence of a particular dimension to modifying the way we look at things, we have learned to REORIENT the way we look at things.

The idea of reorientation is not restricted to a single definition rather it is a versatile concept. For various areas like science, design, technology, art, and commerce, the concept of renovation is an answer for the constantly evolving times. Each of these sectors is continuously working either individually or together, to recharge the world in a lucrative way.

For an individual, it comes down to acquainting ourselves with the absurdity of different situations we battle through in our entire lifetime. We as humans are constantly thriving for success and being constant in this ever-changing world wouldn’t get us anywhere. Deconstructing and reconstructing is the way to go. However there might be a small section of people that might be opposed to the concept of change, but when we have been allowed to REORIENT, shouldn’t we make the most of it?

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12th JUNE 2022, SUNDAY


Padmavati Rao

Actor, Poet & Theatre Practitioner

Dr. Sarasija Padmanabhan

IP Analyst and Patent Consultant

Dr. Ashwini N V

Founder, Muktha Foundation

K. Y. Venkatesh

Indian Para-Athlete

Eshan Sadasivan

CEO, PROSOC Innovators Pvt Ltd

Dr. Raja Mugasimangalam

Founder and CEO, Genotypic Technology

Dr. Mousumi Das

Astrophysicist and Professor, IIA

Sai Krishna V K

Tech Expert & Entrepreneur